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Expert Subadvisors to Jumpstart your Digital Asset Journey

Our SMA partners are the “easy onramp” to digital asset investing. If you’re looking for the simplicity of investing in a trust or fund with the tax advantages, flexibility, and multiple asset choices of owning the underlying digital assets, this is an attractive option. SMA partners have specific expertise in digital assets and manage all aspects of your clients’ digital asset journey from onboarding through to portfolio management.

The BITRIA Digital Asset TAMP

Where Digital Assets Meet Modern Portfolio Theory

The Blockchange BITRIA Platform brings professional grade portfolio management capabilities to digital asset investing, empowering Advisors, Asset managers and OCIOs alike with distributed access and control of firm accounts, client accounts, and model strategies. Onboard client funds, adopt templated or custom portfolio allocations, rebalance positions and much more.

Blockchange Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of owning the underlying digital assets together with actively managed strategies and flexible asset choices.

Own the underlying assets

Tax benefits, no premium risk, stake & lend

Wide selection of assets from BTC to DeFi

Customize strategies to risk-reward profiles

Actively Managed Portfolios

On-demand or scheduled rebalancing

Institutional grade security and compliance

Secured by leading digital custodians

Featured Use Case - IRAs

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Invest Client IRAs in Digital Assets

Our partnership with IRA Financial enables IRA funds & select 401(k) plans to be invested in digital assets, under the management of a financial advisor. This allows investors to leverage the tax-advantaged status of their IRA or 401(k) funds as they diversify into a range of digital assets.

Blockchange Team

Meet our expert team of crypto visionaries and wealth management professionals!
Dan Eyre
CEO & Co Founder
Dan Rothrock
CTO & Co Founder
Caroline Eyre
CFO & Co Founder
Griffin Knight
Head of Product
Connor Obrien
Head of Operations
Jana Yap
General Counsel
Matthew Wahl
Head of Sales
Jake Massobrio
Lead Front End Developer
Austin Raun
Lead Back End Developer
Dylan Schmittle
Security Engineer
Jesse Doty
Backend Engineer

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