The Digital Asset TAMP for Wealth Advisors

The Blockchange BITRIA™ Platform brings professional grade portfolio management capabilities to digital asset investing, enabling investment advisors to easily manage their entire client base.  Onboard client funds, adopt templated or custom portfolio allocations, rebalance positions and much more.

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Digital Asset Management
for Investment Advisors, SMAs, and OCIOs

The Blockchange BITRIA™ Platform provides professional grade tools for Advisors, SMAs and OCIOs alike with distributed access and control of firm accounts, client accounts, and model strategies.

  • 1 Maximize productivity

    All clients, one interface

    Highly secure cloud solution

    Execution automated at custodian

2 Apply portfolio theory expertise

Rebalance scheduled or on-demand

Multi-level portfolio allocations

Create firm and advisor specific templates

3 Own the underlying digital assets

Superior tax benefits

Deep customization and flexibility

Lower cost than trusts and index funds

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started with digital assets?

Speak with our expert team of crypto visionaries and wealth management professionals.

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Looking for a Digital Asset SMA?

The Blockchange SMA Network is an ecosystem of Investment Advisors with expertise in digital assets. Engaging an SMA can be a great way to get started for advisors who lack experience in the asset class.


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About Blockchange

Blockchange is the digital asset investing platform for professional wealth managers, bringing the modern portfolio theory-based tools of traditional finance to the world of digital assets. The platform is tailored to support investment advisors, SMAs, and OCIOs to manage their client’s portfolios and bring transparency to digital assets within a single interface.

Blockchange was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in San Francisco California.

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Blockchange Team


Dan began his career as an internal supply chain management consultant at DuPont before designing and building enterprise financial planning, analysis and machine learning applications for large corporations while at Anaplan. Dan built the Blockchange Platform with his old college roommate at Penn State, Daniel Rothrock.


Dan is a licensed professional engineer with a diverse career spanning engineering leadership roles at Bechtel in security, nuclear power, chemical weapon disposal, to now leading technology and software development at Blockchange. After more than a decade apart, Dan joined forces with Dan Eyre in 2017 to create the Blockchange Platform.

Head of Business Development

Michael is a veteran executive of the financial intermediary industry and has built and led teams at Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Rydex, Bear Stearns, PNC Bank and iCapital Networks. Michael's experience are quite diverse; from trading on the floor of the NYSE to building high performance sales teams.

Head of Marketing

Daniel is a seasoned marketing executive with deep expertise in the network infrastructure and digital asset industries. Daniel has experience managing all aspects of the sales funnel. He earned his degree in engineering from University of Sydney in Australia before building his career in B2B marketing.

Head of Product

Griffin has an excellent track record creating value as a management consultant and solutions architect for firms in the alternative investment space. He designed and implemented financial models spanning a wide array of use-cases for venture capital, private equity, and real estate. Griffin has also worked as an independent cryptocurrency researcher for the last 3 years.


Caroline is a finance professional with broad experience in technology across virtual & augmented reality to biotechnology and has managed multiple startup finance teams. She earned her degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara after spending over 14 years abroad in South America and Asia.

General Counsel

Jana is a top performing counsel with extensive experience advising leading technology companies, including VMware, Hewlett-Packard, Anaplan, HashiCorp, and Sysdig. She specializes in corporate and employment law. Jana also supports early stage technology start-ups.

Head of Operations

Connor began his career working for the U.S. Senate, after which he built a national solutions consulting team at Anaplan before assuming responsibility for the company's global operations. Connor holds a bachelor's from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Director of Sales

Prior to entering the software industry, Matt played Professional Ice Hockey in France's top league following graduation from Brown University, and was a member of the 2015 French Championship Team. Matt's has broad experience across the enterprise software industry.

VP, Business Development

Marie is a distinguished and decorated military veteran, having served in the U.S. Army prior to civilian life. After her time in the Army, Marie worked as an analyst at Fidelity Investments before joining Blockchange to spearhead business development.

Lead Frontend Developer

Jake has spent the majority of his life abroad, living and working in Asia and South America. Prior to joining Blockchange as a frontend developer, Jake led a support team at Sabre Travel Software. In addition to building software, Jake is also an excellent musician.

Lead Backend Developer

Austin's career has spanned both the hardware and software industries. After beginning at Avago, Austin moved to ERP solutions at Sage Intacct, followed by a focus on enterprise systems at Levi Strauss Co and most recently Cisco.

Backend Engineer

Jesse's background is in scalable container-based solutions and serverless microservices. After working as a full stack developer at White Cloud Apps, Jesse took on responsibility for backend serverless architecture at The Save Mart Companies prior to joining Blockchange.

Security Engineer

Dylan has been exploring the outermost edges of network security and open source software from a young age. He has been good friends with Dan Eyre since grade school and met Dan Rothrock in college while attending Penn State. Dylan enjoys brewing beer, cooking and music.


Patrick began his career in the defense & space industry at TASC, after which he joined Red Hat. Today, Patrick is Architect of Red Hat's Open Innovation Lab. The Open Innovation Lab is focused on enabling organizations to innovate iteratively at scale.

Frontend Developer

Eric comes from an international background, having spent time in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. With a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry and is skilled in a number of development frameworks as well as expertise in data science.